1pm to 10pm
@ Bellevue State Park

Live Music Featuring

  • Built To Spill
  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  • Talib Kweli
  • Beach Slang
  • FiancÈ

  • Record & Artisan Market
  • Culinary Trailer Park

Plus Bellevue State Park's

  • Best Firkin Friends Beer Festival
  • Distillery Garden

Brian Kolakowski

Handmade art and home goods created from wood.


Glass Thorpedo

Combine a love of craft beer and sparkly things with a passion for creativity and you have Glass Thorpedo from Jen Thorpe. Using reclaimed beer bottles, she shapes them into handmade creations as decorative trays, lamps and all-natural soy candles.


Go West

Not just any t-shirt company! Go West embodies the fun and eclectic side of life. They have a passion in great t-shirts and craft beer, which are both at the center of their daily endeavors.


Heidi Lowe Gallery

Heidi Lowe Gallery is a contemporary art jewelry gallery exhibiting works by owner, Heidi Lowe, and by numerous artists from around the world - featuring artists who are innovatively exploring a range of ideas, formats and materials and that exemplify the many exciting and diverse facets of contemporary art jewelry.


One Man Gather Studio

Giving old wood a second chance through functional art - from six pack holders to wall art, your needs are covered.


Petra Art + Interiors

Hailing from ATX, Petra Art & Interiors embraces metaphysical explorations, intricacies of the human psyche, no wait.  Pretty things. Mostly just pretty things. Your home should reflect who you are, and the stuff hanging on the walls should make you happy.


Public Supply

Public - Supply creates writing essentials in support of public school arts, channeling 25% of profits from every sale to a teacher in a high-need classroom who will use the money for a project that drives creativity


Shine Craft Vessels

The Shine Craft Vessel Company designs and manufactures premium growlers, barware and utilities for social excursions. They produce in small quantities so every piece is overly scrutinized and individually handled


Sid Vintage

Sid Vintage loves vintage clothing, art and music and craft beer - they have recently taken their show on the road traveling to share all of their vintage clothing across the land!


Spusta Studio

Marq Spusta, is an artist that immerses himself into a variety of projects, from designing prints for The Beatles, Dinosaur Jr. and the Grateful Dead to Dogfish Head beer packaging.


Tiny Man Inside

TMI Amplification specializes in building unique, personalized tube amplifiers for guitar and bass with an emphasis on bringing our customers' visions to reality. Each amplifier is hand-crafted in the USA and features high end components, styling, and woodworking that will make heads turn just as much as they make ears perk up.


Tracie Ching

Tracie Ching is a graphic designer and illustrator best known for her alternative movie posters and pop culture silkscreen prints.


Upstairs Upstairs

Upstairs Upstairs has the what you need for all your vinyl record storage needs. Swing by and check out their handmade wooden record holders - aesthetic pleasing and functional.


Wooden Sleepers

Wooden Sleepers offer a carefully edited collection of military, outdoorsy, and traditional American “Ivy” style clothing, along with vintage accessories, locally made artisanal goods and a curated selection of antique object for the home



From simple wool socks to famous cold-busting parkas, Woolrich products have embraced the authentic outdoor lifestyle for more than 180 years. They strive to design functional, comfortable and durable sportswear and outerwear for Men and Women using traditional fabrics like wool, cotton and down. In recent years, in an effort to provide superior comfort and protection in all conditions, they've incorporated more technical performance fibers, like nylon and polyester.


Workable Earth Pottery

Workable Earth Pottery is the culmination of labor and learning. These ceramic creations are best experienced with both the eyes and the hands.  Just as raw clay has to be manipulated by hand the finished piece has to be touched to understand its full measure.


Passionista Fashion Truck

A mobile boutique housing the latest trends from NYC and Los Angeles. They carry unique, fresh-looking, limited-quantity merchandise at affordable prices.


Pallet Magazine

Pallet Magazine is a quarterly print magazine for people who like to think and drink. Our President & Founder, Sam Calagione, is the executive editor! They will be offering magazines, t-shirts, stickers, growlers, and more!


To Dye For

Fabric art including tapestries, skirts, bandanas, shorts, leggings, and more!

Schrock’s Soaps

Jonathan is a small artisan soap maker from Milford, DE. All of his products use only natural ingredients, such as olive oil, shea butter, rose hips, distilled hops, and beeswax. He will be offering soaps, lip balms, body butters, sugar scrubs, and more!


Nicole Kristiana Studio

Art for Extraordinary Everyday Living. Hailing from Bellefonte, DE, artist Nicole Kristiana creates colorful and joyful prints, paintings, and apparel designs.



Kangol today is a cultural fusion, taking the best of British heritage, the birth of hip-hop and mixing it with cutting edge street fashion. At it’s core Kangol prides itself on producing innovative and quality products using many of the same techniques that were developed over 75 years ago when the brand was founded in Northern England in 1938.


American Made Matters

American Made Matters is an organization dedicated to educating consumers on the importance of buying U.S. made products. They are made up of over 350 member companies who represent various industries from apparel and toys to steel fabrication and cleaning supplies. Sponsors include American Made retailers, patriotic organizations, and service providers who support their cause. They believe that by working together we can better convey the message that American Made truly matters!